Snap-On Smile 

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Snap-On Smile 

A product of Denmat, Santa Maria, California, USA, the Snap-On Smile  is a cosmetic solution for thousands of patients looking for a non invasive, reversible, affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic  dentistry. It is a removable full or partial arch that just snaps over the patient’s  existing teeth. It does not impinge on the gums or the palate. It merely  rests on the teeth thereby eliminating the need for any adhesives. 

Patients can comfortably eat and drink with the snap-on in place. Snap-on has helped patients boost their self esteem and  confidence. The natural feel and look of the snap-on, and the fact that  you can comfortably eat and drink with it in place has made it a huge  success. It has been proven to last for years with little or no complaints.

This revolutionary appliance may be used in a wide selection of cases

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