Dr. Hussein Labib

Dr. Hussein Labib Egyptian Dentist. He graduated in 1984 from Cairo University- Egypt. By 1992 he was awarded his first MSc degree in Oral and Dental Surgery from Cairo University. The second awarded MSc was in Implant Dentistry from Warwick University- UK, in 2010. In 2016 Dr. Hussein Labib has got his MBAHC from Switzerland. Dr.Hussein Labib participated in the research and published articles. Also, was invited as a speaker at relevant scientific conferences. Dr.Hussein Labib is practicing in Dubai since 1996, before that; he worked in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai in both governmental and private sectors. Dr.Hussein Labib was awarded for his personal and professional outstanding performance and under his management, his clinic achieved international accreditation and certification in addition to several rewards in the field of patient care and customer service.